Medical Centre for inhabitants and expats of The Hague

New in The Hague


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Top location nearby the Central Station of The Hague

Professionals in healthcare

The optimal heath care for our customer is leading. This is organised in a structured workflow. Our health care centre has its focus on selected professionals and specialists. Cooperation, quality, service, reliablity and location are our core values.

  • Centre location The Hague

    ca. 3 minutes walking from Central Station

  • Selected professionals

    Multidisciplines and complete healthcare

  • Reliable

    Appointment = appointment

  • Quality of service

    Specialists together bring all expertise

THE Professionals

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De Volharding is originally the largest pharmacy in the Netherlands. More than 100 years of experience in the Hague
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general practitioners

This medical centre in the Hague shows how GP’s make the difference. In this modern practice, you immediately see that the developments and opportunities have not stood still in medicine. There is extra attention to hygiene and infection prevention.
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Modern practice with specializations in house. Moreover, a well-equipped exercise room with refinement of the gym.
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Counseling before and during pregnancy , at birth and at childbirth. The aim is a natural course of pregnancy and birth. Mainly supported by medically responsible choices is the health of mother and child first.
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Professionals in medical diagnostics. Here you can find among other echoes, CTG ’s x-ray examination , fundus photography , bone density measurements and MRI.
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Medical specialists

There is a special collaboration with hospitals. The specialists are able to support good doctors and pharmacies which imply greater depth . The client will be helped directly with all the expertise in one house .

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